Best Trekking Tour in North of Bali


Our Organization is a licensed trekking organizer team situated in the east of the Island of Bali. Of course, we are a local organisation, highly professional and with lot of experience in the fields of trekking. Each member has been working for more than 10 years in other trekking companies in Bali. Based on our rich experience we formed a new and ambitious team offering the most amazing trekking places all over the islands of Bali

All of Our program offers all the best locations in Bali, such as Mount Agung and Mount Batur, sunrise trekking, jungle trekking, trekking to the hidden villages of Bali, trekking to the famous rice terraces and tours to the large number of waterfalls. And, we know the secret places in the northern part of Bali, such as Sekumpul, Sambangan, Munduk and Tamblingan, a village which offers outstanding natural beauty.

The area of Tamblingan and Munduk Village was discovered by some tourists from France and by the time got well known as the number one place for recreation in the mountains of Bali – a place far away from the hustle of everyday life, highly integrated in nature. This unique area is surrounded by rain forests, protected forests, rice fields and waterfalls formed by the power of water and the original architecture of the mountains. Open your eyes and your mind – you will find much more – ancient temples, relicts of the former empire, huge plantations of flowers, vanilla, chocolate, clove, coffee and all kinds of fruits. Cooler climate than on the coast-line will make you feel at home and want to stay (forever?). Tamblingan is the best choice for those who want to travel, love to explore real Bali and to feel the authenticity of Hindu culture, all at the same time.


Banyumala Waterfalls

Hiking to Banyumala Waterfalls Bali

One of the Best trekking in north of Bali -  Banyumala Waterfall is one of the lesser known waterfalls in Bali. It is found north of Lake Buyan in northcentral Bali. Dissimilar to many trails this is a totally characteristic trail and once in a while climbed trail. Simply past the waterfall is a water window ornament of different streams of dilute a mass of rich rocks. 

Banyumala Waterfalls

Rating and length – modestly simple (physically) – tolerably hard to walk – 1 km – 30-40 minutes round excursion 

The most effective method to arrive – Banyumala is situated in Wanagiri region close to the northeastern end of Lake Buyan. It is on the cavity edge street amongst Munduk and the principle expressway from Singaraja to Denpasar. This is not a simple waterfall to discover. There is a blurred sign driving down a little provincial street far from Lake Buyan. This is the simple part. After this there are a progression of painted orange bolts with a few remaining and right turns eventually winding up on a solitary track cruiser trail. It is prescribed that you attempt to contract a guide (information underneath). It may be conceivable to arrive utilizing the GPS organizes yet I would have never found the waterfall without a guide. 

The climb – The climb is just 200-300 meters yet it isn't an especially simple trail to walk. There is likewise one stepping stool to move down. Soon after the waterfall is a stone divider with several little dribbling streams. I think this pool is sufficiently profound for some marvelous confined swimming.

Mayong Rice Field Trekking Tour

Let explore Mayong Rice Field Trekking Tour with Us

North Bali- Mayong village offers Great panorama of the Landscape with Hectars of Rice terraces on the slope of the hill with their Heritage of the traditional yet excellent irrigation system called Subak. The village preserves its traditional way of life. This traditional way of life can be seen from their ways in farming on the rice terraces, growing fruits and vegetables, working around the house and the routine of daily offerings and ceremonies which are based Balinese Hindu philosophy. Mayong village is very exciting for Nature Lovers who are really eager to explore the Natural atmosphere of Bali.  Mayong Village is a heaven for you who are willing to escape from the busy world to refresh your mind. The following is the Direction to get to Mayong Village Trekking Point

You will have to yourself the Culture and Nature of the green tropical village in north of Bali with its Beautiful Landscape with Hectares of Rice terraces on the slope of the hilly lands.  What is more is that you will Experience the real Daily life of Balinese people, and keep in touch closely with the Local Balinese People of Mayong Village. 

Mayong Hidden Paradise Village Tour is the best choice for you who look forward to experiencing The Daily Life of Bali, and Keep in touch closely with the Local Balinese People, especially Local Villagers of Mayong Village. Mayong village Tour package can also be combined with visiting Munduk Waterfalls where you will enjoy walking through the rainforest plantations such as Coffee, Clove, Bamboo, Cacao, Durian, etc before reaching the cool breeze of the waterfalls.

Sambangan Waterfall Trekking Package

Sambangan Waterfall Trekking Package

Sambangan Village is located in it's has beautiful natural scenery and can be used as one of the main points of interest for Bali Trekking. Many tourists who come to enjoy the sights in the village Sambangan. Tourists who come to tour the village sambangan are domestic and foreign tourists. Sambangan Village is an exciting place for trekking because it has many beautiful waterfalls. It has 7 waterfalls are available to be watched by a travelers they are: Pucuk, Kembar, kroya, Aling-Aling, Canging, Dedari, and Cemara waterfalls. Along the journey you will find those exciting waterfalls.

In Sambangan Village, farmers cooperate each other. They have a traditional organization that manages water for all farmers. This organization is called as "Bali Subak". Subak will divide the water for farmers so all farmers will get water for their land. Besides dividing the water for all farmers, this organization also as a media for farmers to socialize and work together. They help each other in cultivating their land. They also have a special temple to say thanks to the God for the water and good harvest.
This journey need 3 hours total duration, starts from Taman Rahasia "The Secret Garden orientation" It's takes about 30 minutes. Along the trip we will find the beautiful rice field view and we can see many kinds of plantations such as: coffee plantation,  cacao, skin snake fruit, palm sugar trees, jack fruit, banana etc. and we will stop to break at Tibuan Puncak sari "The Secret Natural Swimming pool" and will served you with sasonal fruite.In this journey we will find Aling-Aling waterfalls,about 1 hour we will find the first waterfall Kroya waterfall,Kembar waterfall (10 meters), Pucuk waterfall (15 meters). All this place are possible to do Relax, sliding, Jumping, swimming and take your best pose for photograph.

After enjoy the four waterfall we will Continue your journey and you will find farmers cultivating their land, the real traditional Balinese people live with their hospitality Moreover . Afterwards we visit to Lovina Beach and enjoy your buffet lunch. To book the package please visit here Booking Sambangan Trekking

Jatiluwih Hiking Tour Package

Bali Jungle Trekking as a trekking organizer in Bali strongly recommends a hiking tour to Jatiluwih rice field because you will get what you expect for your trip. As a professional trekking organizer, we have been ready to offer you the greatest trekking experience in Bali Island. Jatiluwih is the most beautiful and largest rice terraces in Bali which is very suitable for you who love exploring nature through trekking trips. 

Jatiluwih constitutes a favorite tourist destination in Bali which is very well-known for its beautiful rice terraces that unfold from the foot of a mountain up to the sea shore. The name “Jatiluwih” consists of two words, namely “ Jati” and “luwih”, where Jati denotes “really or truly” and Luwih means “special, good, and beautiful or the equivalent”. The local rice paddies which are planted in this wonderful place look typically tall in size if they are compared with other pre-eminent rice paddies planted by most farmers in Bali. Jatiluwih is also well-known for its organic agriculture system. It is because it is situated in the Plateau of Watukaru Mountain which is appropriate for farming or agriculture development in general. As a result, Jatiluwih has been one of the beautiful places to visit on the tropical island of Bali. 

The price of this Trip is Just: USD$45/person for Minimum 2 persons booking. The price includes return transfer with a private air-conditioned car, Private Guide, Trek equipments such as Trekking Stick and Hat, bottled drinking Water, Donation to the village, fresh Coconut Water, Coffee or tea at a local house during the trek, Entrance tickets to the Hot Spring and lunch at a local restaurant. 

The following is the trip Itinerary:

Picking up at the Hotel: 07.30 a.m.

Starting The trek: 09.30 a.m.

The trek finishes: 12.30 p.m.

Having lunch: 13.00 p.m.

Relaxing at Angseri Hot Spring: 14.15. p.m.

Going back to your hotel: 15.15. p.m.

Arriving back to your hotel: 17.00 p.m.

After you enjoy the trek in Jatiluwih, we will escort you to Angseri Hot Spring where you can relax. Surely, it will be very relaxing for you after the trekking trip.  Angseri Hot spring is situated among lush rice terraces and a river. In the past this place was only a Local Traditional Bathing site, but now it has been changed into a comfortable bathing area for public.

Mount Lesung Jungle Hiking Adeventure

Climbing the Jungle of Mount Lesung in Bali – here you are going to get the most valuable experience in the exploration of the real Nature and Culture of Bali Island.

Hiking to the sacred Mount Lesung in Bali – This tour package is exclusively designed for the hikers who are eager to explore The nature of Mount Lesung.  It will take you to the real jungle adventure which is far away from the crowds. What is more is that you will feel the Nature atmosphere of the real jungle of Bali with some legends inside the jungle. This hiking tour will also offer you the information about Bali Culture and rural Balinese life. Crossing Tamblingan lake by traditional Dugout canoe will also be done here. 

NOTE : This Hiking Package can only be reserved through us, “Bali Jungle Trekking“, because we are the first and the one who offer this Hiking package to you.  You may look around to all Trekking Companies in Bali but we are sure you can’t find this Program– This is Only for you from us.

Mount Lesung belongs to the Bedugul volcanic region which is situated to the south of Tamblingan Lake. It owns a large crater at its summit and overlooking the village of Munduk.
The mountain has a height of 1,865 meters above sea level.  Mount Lesung is believed to be a sacred Jungle mountain with some old legendary temples inside the jungle. The temples are Naga Loka Temple, Bukit Temple, and Endek Temple. Gunung Lesung is our best recommendation for you who do love to enjoy climbing the green jungle of Bali. And below is the picture where you will enjoy walking on.

After doing registration at Our post office, We will escort you to the slope of Mount Lesung by car. Then you will enter and climb a lush protected rain-forest with giant old trees. During the hiking in the jungle, we will visit Naga Loka Temple which is a very unique and sacred temple.  It also has an attractive sacred crater on its right side. After that we will continue hiking to Bukit Temple which is located on the summit of Mount Lesung where we can enjoy seeing a nice view of the village. After that we will go downhill to the so-called Endek Temple which is considered to be a Chinese Temple where we take a rest for a few minutes before continuing the tour to enjoy crossing Tamblingan lake by a traditional canoe to Gubung Temple where the trek finishes. Our Guide will always be excited to give you all the information such as the Hidden Culture of our village, History, and we will also show you some Plants for Herbal medicine during the trek. After the trek we will enjoy having lunch at a Local Restaurant overlooking the magnificent twin lakes of Buyan and Tamblingan before continuing to visit Ulun Danu temple which is a Floating temple on the lake. 

—————Below is the Full Tour Itinerary———-
 Picking Up at Your Hotel: 06.00 a.m.

 Arriving at the Trekking Point, doing registration, and starting the trek. 08.00 a.m.

The Trek Finishes: 02.00 p.m.

Having Lunch at Twin Lakes Restaurant: 02.15 p.m.

Continuing to Visit Ulun Danu Temple which is a Floating temple on the lake: 03.15 p.m.

Returning to Hotel

Duration of the Trek: 5 to 6 hours

Price of the tour: USD$69/person for minimum 2 Persons booking. The price includes : Returning Transfer with a Private air-conditioned car, Private Guide, Private Trekking Arrangement, Private Canoeing, Balinese snacks During the trek, bottled drinking Water, All Trekking Equipments, And Entrance Tickets to Tamblingan Sacred Jungle + Ulun Danu Temple, Local Fruits, Lunch + Simple Breakfast Box.